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The One-Percent Edge
by Susan Solovic

Want to stay competitive? Keep evolving.

When business is good, most leaders focus on maintaining the status quo. After all, why fix what's not broken? But doing the same thing leaves you vulnerable to new competitors and technologies. To gain an advantage over old rivals and upstarts alike, The One-Percent Edge offers a simple but powerful formula: make small, incremental improvements in seven areas of your business. By continually assessing and adjusting products, customers, people, processes, marketing, finances, and leadership, you avoid the pain of radical overhaul (when it may be too late, anyway), while increasing agility and resilience.

Filled with real-world examples and insights from a noted business survival expert, The One-Percent Edge offers a six-step process for achieving ongoing improvements:

Ask tough questions about what's happening with the company, market, and industry • Prioritize the most important goals, and cut the products, people, or processes that detract • Create an action plan, including objectives, timelines, and individual accountabilities • Execute the plan, monitoring what works and what doesn't • Measure and review results, dropping failures and shifting to better opportunities in real time • Repeat from the beginning—and never stop

To trigger ideas and get the process moving, the book explores strategies for boosting each key area, including how to retain quality customers, locate niche markets, build strong teams, hire for life, foster trust, use social media effectively, upgrade technology, rethink pricing, and dozens more.

The five-year plan is dead. Instead, engaging in constant, small-scale innovation pushes everyone to learn, adapt, and find new ways to protect your position and edge out the competition.