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The Ashtons: Walker, Ford & Mercedes: Betrayed Birthright / Mistaken for a Mistress / Condition of Marriage (Mills & Boon Spotlight)
by Sheri WhiteFeather

Family, lies, secrets and passion

Betrayed Birthright Sheri White

Feather CEO Walker Ashton had always put business before pleasure but, when on the search for his mother he met Tamra Winter Hawk, his thoughts definitely turned to pleasure. Walker didn’t know why the beautiful Native American made him yearn for a forbidden liaison…

Mistaken for a Mistress Kristi Gold Ford

Ashton was prepared to deceive and seduce his grandfather’s assistant and mistress to save his uncle. But he soon discovered that Kerry Roarke was not all she appeared to be either. Could love develop with so much deception between them?

Condition of Marriage Emilie Rose Mercedes

Ashton agreed to marry her best friend, Jared Maxwell…for convenience sake because he would give her baby a name. But now both of them are having feelings for one another and want to change their conditions of marriage!