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Sexy Beast / Burn My Hart
by Jackie Ashenden

Sexy Beast

Everett Calhoun was born bad. But only he can make her feel so good.

Maintaining tight control—in business and in the bedroom—keeps my darkness in check. But I’d never let my girl-next-door best friend see the beast in me. Until Freya asks for a sexual favor… She’s prepared to strip naked before me and let me take what I need. But will dominating the submissive redhead cost me my closest friend…or make me beg for something more?

Burn My Hart

“I’m a gentleman, what can I say?” But this Hart burns too hot to ever be a gentleman…

I'm giving myself the ultimate birthday present: Theo Hart. Notorious billionaire Hart brother, Greek god, and sexual perfection in the flesh. Happy naughty birthday to me. It was only ever supposed to be about hot, dirty sex. But every moment Theo iginites my body with his touch, a little more of my heart burns. And soon, all that will be left is ashes…