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Royal Doc's Secret Heir
by Amy Ruttan

A shock reunion…A son reclaimed!In this Cinderellas to Royal Brides story, Dr. Jeena Harrak’s returned home. Banished years ago by the King of Kaylana, upon falling pregnant with Prince Maazin’s baby, Jeena never had a chance to say goodbye to Maazin, or to tell him of his father’s cruelty. After revealing his heir, working alongside gorgeous yet closed-off doctor Maazin is harder than she ever imagined…but might their overwhelming connection be enough to reunite their family?Cinderellas to Royal Brides duetBook 1 — Surgeon Prince, Cinderella BrideBook 2 — Royal Doc’s Secret Heir“Every time I think I’ve decided on what Ms. Ruttan’s best medical romance is, she has me changing my mind with every story she releases and this book was a well-written, enthralling read. In that it encompasses two well-developed and compelling characters….”— Harlequin Junkie on Carrying the Surgeon’s Baby“Give me a book by Ms. Ruttan and I could sit and read said book from start to finish in one sitting and that’s exactly what I did with this medical romance by this wonderful author. Really, the way this story started drew me into it immediately….”— Harlequin Junkie on NY Doc Under the Northern Lights