Regency Proposal: The Laird's Forbidden Lady / Haunted by the Earl's Touch (Mills & Boon M&B)
by Ann Lethbridge

The Laird’s Forbidden Lady


Ian Gilvry, Laird of Dunross, is as rough and wild as the Highland heather. Yet the return of Sassenach Selina and her family to claim his land ignites hatred and passion in equal measure.


Lady Selina is torn between family loyalty and wanton need for Ian. Tricked into marriage, the Laird fulfils her every burning desire. But Ian is a man bound by duty. Can Selina be sure that his heart belongs not only to his clan…but also to the woman he has made his wife?

Haunted by the Earl’s Touch

Arriving at Beresford Abbey, orphan Mary Wilder’s hopes of finding a place to belong are dashed when she meets Bane Beresford, the enigmatic earl. He is as remote as the ghosts that supposedly haunt the Abbey . . . and like its crumbling walls, her dreams fall apart.

Occasionally she sees a different, more caring man behind the façade, so is she foolish to long for a happy home . . . and family? His proposal is for a marriage of convenience, but his touch has awakened within her a fervent and forbidden longing . . .