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Oracle's Fire
by Mary Victoria

An action-packed adventure set against a background of warring civilisations competing for ever scarcer resources ... a beautiful written, original epic fantasy. tYMON'S FLIGHt Shortlisted:• David Gemmell Morningstar Award• Sir Julius Vogel Award:Best New talent; Best Novelthe tree is all the world. And that world is dying ...After Samiha is thrown from the docks in Argos city, tymon is condemned to a life of slavery in a tree-mine. During his ordeals, he glimpses a vision of his love and becomes obsessed by the thought that she is still alive. When disaster strikes the mine, he is left wandering the tunnels at the heart of the tree, clinging to the hope that he might find her once again.Meanwhile, the Saint's crusade is tearing the Four Canopies apart, and Lace and his Masters pursue their own deadly plans. Even as tymon travels deep into the tree, the Envoy's acolytes are sent out on a mission to Lacuna, the legendary World Below ... PRAISE FOR CHRONICLES OF tHE tREE'truly great new fantasy series - up there with Ursula Le Guin' * * * * * on SAMIHA'S SONG'an entire weekend was devoted to finishing up tYMON'S FLIGHt ... an intriguing world' 4 and a half stars on tYMON'S FLIGHt 'fascinating world rich in history ... A breathtaking journey' Crickhollow Books on tYMON'S FLIGHt