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Love Inspired Historical February 2018 Box Set: Suddenly a Frontier Father\The Rancher's Temporary Engagement\Honor-Bound Lawman\An Inconvenient Marriage
by Lyn Cote

SUDDENLY A FRONTIER FATHERWilderness Bridesby Lyn CoteMail-order bride turned schoolteacher Emma Jones no longer wants a husband. But when the man she planned to marry returns to town after being called away for a family emergency, can she resist falling for Mason Chandler and the two little girls he’s adopted?THE RANCHER’S TEMPORARY ENGAGEMENTby Stacy HenrieWhen he hires a Pinkerton agent to investigate sabotage on his horse ranch, Edward Kent doesn’t expect the agency to send a female detective. Even more surprising is Maggy Worthing’s suggestion for her cover story: a fake engagement to Edward. HONOR-BOUND LAWMANby Danica Favorite When Laura Booth’s ex-husband escapes from prison with the intention of coming after her, former lawman Owen Hamilton must come out of retirement to keep her safe. But can the widowed single father protect her without losing his heart?AN INCONVENIENT MARRIAGEby Christina MillerWidowed reverend Samuel Montgomery is excited to start over with his daughter in a new town—until he learns he’ll lose his job if he doesn’t marry. His only solution: a marriage in name only to local heiress Clarissa Adams, who needs a husband to win her inheritance.