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Leaving Shangrila: The True Story Of A Girl, Her Transformation and Her Eventual Escape
by Isabelle Gecils

“I did lie. But what I remember is omitting the truth, never outright lying, simply because nobody ever asked.” Set in Brazil, an exotic world is complicated by larger than life characters in Leaving Shangrila. A narcissistic mother laments her failed loves. A monumentally ineffectual father runs away from trouble. A pathologically weak stepfather, a manipulator and predator, leads a cult. And three sisters struggle to survive in this corrupt adult world. Isabelle Gecils finds herself isolated in Shangrila, what should be a lush jungle paradise. In reality, it is a hell on earth. Terrible things happen in this world: manipulation, coercion, lies, and abuse. But this is not a story of terrible things. It is the story of strength and resilience in the face of tremendous adversity. It is the story of a young girl who makes extraordinary choices to survive. An emotional and physical captive in Shangrila, Isabelle finds her freedom by applying her great intelligence toward duplicity. As necessity forces her to descend further and further to survive, she finds, even in this freedom, a prison of a different sort. She is completely and complexly human and a spectacular rebel to root for. This is a remarkable story of a girl, her transformation, and her eventual escape from Shangrila.