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Italian Bachelors: Brooding Billionaires: Ravelli's Defiant Bride / Enthralled by Moretti / The Playboy's Proposition (Mills & Boon M&B)
by Lynne Graham

Brooding Billionaires

Cristo Ravelli

Cristo Ravelli must silence any scandal about his father’s illegitimate children! Belle Brophy, the children’s guardian’s only concern is giving them security. So when this gorgeous Italian offers marriage, she agrees. But once the ring is on, Belle discovers there’s more to marriage than saying ‘I do’!

Alessandro Moretti

CEO Alessandro Moretti wants elusive lawyer Chase Evans in his bed now more than ever and he’s not above blackmail. But his red-hot revenge backfires as his increasing desire for Chase threatens his legendary self-control, and still Chase and her secrets seem out of his reach…

Michael Medici

When Michael Medici spotted the beautiful cocktail waitress, he made a move. One extraordinary night later, he knew he wanted more. He’d just acquired her family’s business, so Michael made Bella an offer – become his no-emotions-involved mistress and she’d regain the company…