I Quit: Facing Cancer with Faith, Family and Friends
by Kristina Schnack Kotlus

I Quit is a rallying cry for anyone facing a difficult situation—including two cancer diagnoses—to choose joy and faith and embrace humor to make the best of their experience.

There’s more to cancer than chemo and radiation. When she found herself diagnosed with brain cancer for the second time, Kristina Kotlus chose to quit on day one. But rather than meaning she gave up, her quitting meant getting a whole new lease on life. I Quit offers readers a chance to do the same. Inside, Kristina shares how she survived both diagnoses with the help of her family, friends, and faith in a relatable, funny way from her original diagnosis to finding doctors to telling her kids (hint: make someone else do it). She shares openly and honestly, with just a touch of sarcasm and a heavy dose of humor and faith and encourages readers to decide that it’s time to stand up, wash the tears off their face, and keep going.