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Harlequin Special Edition March 2019 - Box Set 1 of 2
by Marie Ferrarella

Harlequin® Special Edition brings you three new titles for one great price, available now! These are heartwarming, romantic stories about life, love and family. This Special Edition box set includes:TEXAN SEEKS FORTUNEThe Fortunes of Texas: The Lost Fortunesby Marie FerrarellaConnor Fortunado came to Houston with only one agenda: tracking down a missing Fortune relative. His new assistant, single mom Brianna Childress, is a huge help and their attraction is instant—even though the last thing the bachelor Fortune wants is a houseful of commitments!THE BABY ARRANGEMENTThe Daycare Chroniclesby Tara Taylor QuinnDivorced after a heartbreaking tragedy, Mallory Harris turns to artificial insemination to have a baby. When her ex-husband learns of her plan, he offers to be the donor. Mallory needs to move on. But how can she say no to the only man she’s ever loved?THE RANCHER’S RETURNSweet Briar Sweetheartsby Kathy DouglassTen years ago, the love of Raven Reynolds’s life disappeared without a trace. Now Donovan Cordero is back, standing on her doorstep. Along the way, Raven had the rancher’s child—though he didn’t know she was pregnant! But how can she rebuild a life with her child’s father if she’s engaged to another man?