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Harlequin Romantic Suspense February 2020 Box Set
by Jennifer Morey

Looking for heart-racing romance and breathless suspense? Want stories filled with life-and-death situations that cause sparks to fly between adventurous, strong women and brave, powerful men? Harlequin® Romantic Suspense brings you all that and more with four new full-length titles in one collection!COLTON FAMILY BODYGUARDThe Coltons of Mustang Valleyby Jennifer MoreyAfter Hazel Hart’s daughter witnesses a murder, former navy SEAL Callum Colton saves them from being run down by the murderer’s car. But now that the three of them are on the run, Callum’s demons are back to haunt him—and he’ll have to focus on the present to stop a killer. COLTON FIRST RESPONDERThe Coltons of Mustang Valleyby Linda O. JohnstonSavannah Oliver has been arrested for the murder of her ex-husband, Zane, after their ugly divorce—but she doesn’t believe he is dead. Grayson Colton believes her, and as Mustang Valley recovers from an earthquake, the two of them have to clear Savannah’s name. COWBOY’S VOW TO PROTECTCowboys of Holiday Ranchby Carla CassidyFlint McCay had no idea what he was getting into when he found Madison Taylor hiding in the hay in his barn. But now they’re both in danger and Flint must protect both Madison and his own secrets in order for them to make it out alive…and in love. HIS SOLDIER UNDER SIEGEThe Riley Codeby Regan BlackSomeone is determined to break Major Grace Ann Riley. After Derek Sayer, a friend with benefits, helps her fight off the attacker, he’s determined to help Grace Ann, no matter how independently she tries to handle it. But as their relationship deepens, the attacker is circling closer…