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Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense June 2018 - Box Set 2 of 2: Vanished in the Night\Fatal Recall\Killer Country Reunion
by Lynette Eason

VANISHED IN THE NIGHTWrangler’s CornerLynette EasonAfter saving her from an attempted kidnapping and delivering her baby on the side of the road, Dr. Joshua Crawford feels responsible for Kaylee Martin and her newborn son. With danger dogging their every step, will he be able to protect this new family he has come to love?FATAL RECALLCarol J. PostPaige Tatem is an amnesiac with a target on her back—and her survival depends on police officer Tanner Brody. Tanner doesn’t know what she’s forgotten, but he knows people will kill to ensure she never remembers—and it’s up to him to stop them.KILLER COUNTRY REUNIONJenna NightAfter gunmen attack Caroline Marsh, she’s stunned to still be alive—and bowled over that her rescuer is her ex-fiancé, Zane Coleman. The killers on her trail won’t give up easily, and though Zane already left her once, for her own protection, he’s not about to lose her again.