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Harlequin Heartwarming December 2017 Box Set
by Beth Carpenter

This Harlequin Heartwarming box set includes:A GIFT FOR SANTAA Northern Lights Novelby Beth CarpenterYears ago, Chris Allen blew his chance to marry the woman he loved, Marissa Gray. But a snowless December, a dinosaur-loving seven-year-old foster child and Santa’s reindeer bring them together once again. EVERY SERENGETI SUNRISEFrom Kenya, with Loveby Rula SinaraVeterinarian Haki Odaba doesn’t need a psychic to tell him his future: a career saving elephants at his family’s rescue center in Kenya and a happy marriage to his childhood sweetheart, Pippa. But a surprising visit from a smart, beautiful friend he hasn’t seen in years has Haki questioning what he thought was his destiny. HIS BABY DILEMMAShores of Indian Lakeby Catherine LaniganAfter a devastating accident on the family farm, Mica Barzonni is struggling to find his way. Could discovering he’s a dad renew his sense of purpose…or will reconnecting with his son’s mother become just another hurt he can’t heal? THE HAPPINESS PACTby Liz FlahertyTaking stock of their lives, old friends Libby Worth and Tucker Llewellyn realize they aren’t quite where they want to be. So they make a pledge to pursue their dreams. But are they about to find out they’ve been dreaming of each other all along?