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Dynasties: The Barones
by Leanne Banks

Playing with fire

Unexpected father, Nicholas Barone needs a nanny and Gail Fenton is perfect! Within days she has his daughter smiling and frustrated Nicholas fantasizing! Bewitched by a virgin, Nicholas is in serious trouble, for unlike his former lovers, who wanted only his money or his name, Gail wanted his heart.•Hotel tycoon Gavin O'Sullivan can’t wait to see Colleen Barone again. He’s no longer the rebel from the wrong side of town she rejected years before. But seeing Colleen reignites the passion that had smoldered in him all these years before. Dare Gavin dare risk his heart with the temptress who had broken it once before?•When spin-doctor Flint Kingman is hired against PR exec Gina Barone’s wishes, he convinces her into a pretend affair to divert the media from her family's business scandal. But when his raw, primal heat threatens to melt the ice-princess heart -the pretend affair suddenly feels all too real….