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Claimed By The Boss
by Barbara Wallace

An office affair

Being hired to type up famous reclusive author Alex Markoff’s new manuscript is a dream come true for Kelsey Albertelli. Until Kelsey meets her new boss! Alex doesn’t want Kelsey there and isn’t afraid to tell her… except resentment isn’t the only emotion simmering between the two…•Dumped by her cheating ex-fiance, Marissa Warren joins a dating website to find Mr Ordinary and Safe. Instead she finds Mr Tall, Dark and Totally Not Right For Her in her boss! He may everything she doesn’t want but as she gets to know her new boss Marissa can’t stop falling for Mr Imperfect!•When Aideen Ryan turns to her reclusive billionaire neighbour for business help, Patrick Fitzsimon can’t say no. Working together to help save her business soon Aideen is swept into a world she doesn’t recognise with a man she finds herself falling for…