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Behind Enemy Lines: Supernatural Meddling (Armageddon Story Vol. 2)
by Craige McMillan

Mia is confused. She died during an operation and is now in a wonderful place! But William Bradshaw, praying with her mother in the hospital room where she died, has come to tell her she must return home.

America’s most respected flying ace has defected to the navy. He is investigating the loss of two American submarines. His former student and now fleet admiral welcomes him aboard his aircraft carrier, where they put their thoughts together. On the flight home, the ace makes an unexpected landing on a different carrier far off the coast of Alaska. The ship flies no flag. After meeting this admiral, the ace knows why.

The Brazilian media is hunting for the “girl with no heart,” Mia is busy elsewhere. She just finished a private audience with Pope Pious at his retreat in the Italian Alps. Now the Holy Father is traveling to Brazil under an assumed name.

Can the veil of eternity be crossed at will? If so, by whom—and to what end?