Baby Trouble: The Spy's Secret Family (Top Secret Deliveries, Book 4) / Operation Baby Rescue (Top Secret Deliveries, Book 5) / Cowboy's Triplet Trouble (Top Secret Deliveries, Book 6) (Mills & Boon By Request)
by Cindy Dees

The Spy’s Secret Family

When tycoon Nick Cass wakes up in a hospital room, he has no memory of the beautiful woman at his side. Yet when Laura Delaney tells him their son has been kidnapped, Nick has no choice but trust her – and rescue their chance at a future.

Operation Baby Rescue

Elise was devastated when the doctors told her that her newborn daughter had died shortly after birth. Finding comfort in a support group, she meets widower Jared… and their unanswered questions about their losses might just lead them to a new family…

Cowboy’s Triplet Trouble

After a reckless one-night stand Grace tracks down the father of her new triplets – and discovers that he has no intention of being a dad. But, when his brother, gorgeous rancher Jake Johnson, comes to her rescue, it seems Grace might have found her hero after all…