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A Biblical Hebrew to English Concordance: Reflecting the choices made in a close translation for the original music
by Bob MacDonald

How do we see the decisions made by a translator of an ancient tongue?

This volume contains every word in the Hebrew Bible, in Hebrew and the English equivalent for each word as translated. The glosses provided are for a close translation for the Music. The sequence presented is by Hebrew stem, Hebrew word form, canonical sequence, chapter, verse, and word sequence. In principle, the entire translation can be reconstructed from this data.

The draft agreement of the translation with itself (concord) was aided by computer assisted pattern recognition. This volume is a searchable reference book. It makes the decisions of the translator as transparent as possible. We can dig deep into the translation process and be rewarded with the treasury of this beloved text.

A Biblical Hebrew to English Concordance is volume 8 of the series, The Hebrew Bible and Its Music.